Meet the new Director of Experiences at Jubel

Hey everyone! We have great news to share with you. This month I (Albert) made a major career move into the travel industry full-time. I’m excited to join Jubel as the new Director of Experiences! Jubel, a travel start-up is on a mission to make planning for complex trips easier. As Director at Jubel, I’ll leverage my knowledge of travel and travel planning in creating personalized and curated trips for clients of which I hope you’ll be one!


For those of you who have been following us over the years, you’ll know we have managed our website part-time while maintaining careers in the fields of humanitarian assistance (Carrie) and medical associations (Albert). After our move to Amman, I was given the opportunity to leave the career I had built over several years (not an easy decision) and move into the travel industry, something I’ve wanted to do.

While I reflect on the career I built in the medical association field, I’m excited about this new opportunity to use the skills I developed with our own travel planning service, which we stopped in the summer of 2018. In my role, I’ll work with clients to plan tailor-made trips to destinations worldwide

So why Jubel? Well, the focus on experiential travel mirrors our own style of travel. Travel is about broadening perspectives and I’m looking forward to making travel experiences meaningful, accessible and easy for everyone.

Here’s what major publications have had to say about Jubel.


Conde Nast Traveler



The Wall Street Journal

Moving forward if you want a customized travel plan to match your style and budget be sure to reach out to me at Jubel!