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Why you should go to Wadi Rum, Jordan

When it comes to dramatic and breathtaking landscapes in Jordan there is nothing greater than those you’ll find in and around Wadi Rum, Jordan. Even if you’ve been to Jordan, but never to the Wadi Rum itself, but have driven from Petra/Ma’an to Aqaba you’ll know exactly what type of landscape I’m talking about.

How to Take a Day Trip to Bethlehem, Palestine

Bethlehem happens to be only nine kilometers south of Jerusalem, making it a natural and obvious destination to incorporate into your visit to Jerusalem. A trip to Bethlehem not only offers visitors a chance to see one of Christianity’s important historical sites, but also a tiny glimpse into life in the occupied West Bank.

A Tribute to John Murray III

You are probably curious as to who on earth John Murray III is and why should we pay tribute to him.  John Murray III is the grandson of the famous English publisher John Murray I (John Murray & Sons of London Publishers Ltd.) who published the works of Jane Austen, Charles Darwin, and Lord Byron, just to name a few.  John Murray III is the focus of this post because of the enormous impact he has had on modern day travel. 

Travel Guides

Travel guides are a critical part of travel planning and traveling itself.  They provide the traveler with basic knowledge of about their destination that allows them to make informed decisions, which is especially helpful if you don’t know the local language.  The travel industry is enormous and thus attracts a large number of travel guide publishers, all slightly different, but still presenting the same type of information.