How to Plan an Impactful Cross Country Drive

What is the first thing you do when you plan a road trip?  Most of the time you decide where you want to begin and end.  Then, you probably decide on what route you are going to take. While simultaneously considering what places you want to visit. Followed by how many stops you want to make.  And how long you want to drive for.  There are undoubtedly lots of questions to ask ourselves when planning a road trip.

how to plan a cross country road trip

One important question that is often overlooked is, how can I make this trip impactful on the communities I will pass through?

One of the best ways to do this is to strategically plan your stops so that you visit something important to the economy of the community, be it a local, national, or state park, or a museum or historic site, and/or a local business, like a restaurant, store, winery, or even a craft brewery.  By visiting something important and/or owned by the community you will ensure you have an impactful visit.

Doing some research before you travel will help you be better prepared. Otherwise, while you are traveling Google maps is a useful tool.

You can even take your impactfulness one-step further, and promote the business or site you visit on social media.  This is a great way to raise awareness.  If you do, make sure to include us on your tweet @bondstravel or Instagram post backpacking_with_the_bonds and we can help spread the word as well!

This week I will help a good friend of mine move across the country from Denver, CO to Washington, DC.  We will embark on a road trip across roughly two-thirds of America with stops in Colorado Springs, CO, Kansas City, MO and Cincinnati, OH with lots of shorter stops along the way.

We will make our road trip as impactful as possible with visits to local craft breweries, locally owned restaurants, and much more.

Make sure to follow the trip on social media throughout the week!