The Versatile Blogger Award

We are honored to have received the Versatile Blogger Award Nomination-Backpacking with the Bonds’ first award.  A huge thank you to Urska and Matic of the travel blog Sliva for the nomination.  Check out their website as they have lots of great posts with useful tips like the best apps for traveling and summer outdoor recreation in Slovenia (where they are from!).



According to the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award as part of our acceptance, we’re required to share seven facts about ourselves.

1.    Our first international trip together was to Cyprus - In early 2008 we took our first trip together flying from Amman, Jordan to Larnaca, Cyprus.  We got pretty cheap deal on Royal Jordanian.  Staying in the seaside town of Agia Napa in the offseason was the perfect choice-we had the town and beaches almost entirely to ourselves.  From Agia Napa we took a day trip to the divided capital of Nicosia.

Us in Agia Napa, Cyprus in 2008

Us in Agia Napa, Cyprus in 2008

2.     We met in Washington, DC during pre-service training for the Peace Corps, where we live now.  We happened to be seated next to each other on the flight to Germany, before continuing on to Amman (due to both our last names beginning with B or fate-who knows?). This gave us roughly 7 hours to learn about each other especially how well we handle an overnight flight.

3.     Most uncommon place we have traveled to: Transnistria.  In the summer of 2008 we traveled throughout Eastern Europe making our way to the lesser traveled destination of Chisinau, Moldova.  However, to travel by bus from Odessa, Ukraine to Chisinau we had to pass through the breakaway region of Transnistria.  We had a short stop in the capital of Tiraspol and a few interesting encounters at the border crossings-a blog post for another time...

4.    We both have day jobs.  We don’t talk about it much, but we maintain our website and travel while holding down day jobs. Albert works for an infectious diseases medical society managing programs and fundraising and Carrie manages donor relations for an international humanitarian organization.


5.     We have two super sociable cats.  We adopted Penny and Lulu three years ago.  They are the most social, talkative, and affectionate cats we’ve ever met and although we love our trips we also love coming home to these two.

Lulu and Penny

Lulu and Penny

Looking out at the snow.

Looking out at the snow.

6.    One place we would definitely go back to - Corsica.  If we could only go back to one place we’ve been that place would be Corsica.  The bucolic countryside and stunning beaches should be enough to entice anyone to visit.

Read: Our guide to Corsica and Sardinia

View from our hotel room in Sartene, Corsica

View from our hotel room in Sartene, Corsica

7.    We shop local when at home. We’re not only conscious about how we spend our money when we’re abroad, we also try to invest in the local economy when at home too.  We are big fans of our local farmers markets, participate in a community sponsored agriculture program, and tend to buy locally made alcohol.


Each Versatile Blogger Award recipient must nominate others bloggers (up to 10).  These are some travel bloggers we follow and think you should check out. We have nominated the following:

Kinga Jaskulska of The Adventure Catcher Kinga quit her corporate finance job to travel the world in 2014.  Her mission is to inspire you to travel, give you ideas for your next trip, and build your courage to travel. Check out her website's great intro video.

Amy Chiang of Hit the Road Map  Amy's passion is travel and it comes through on her website.  Amy recently blogged about her trip to Cuba, so if you're thinking of going check out her site.

Sherianne Higgins of Out of Office  As the title of the website suggests, Out of Office aims to motivate you to escape the office and travel! The website has lots of travel tips and resources to assist busy people plan their trips.

Kelly and Lee of Global Goose Kelly and Lee are digital nomads who have been traveling for close to a decade.  Their years on the road have given them a wealth of information to help others live the nomadic lifestyle too.

Nominees - Don’t forget the rules and pay it forward to other travel bloggers.

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