Craft Beer

Where to go for Craft Beer in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

People travel from across the world to witness and explore the numerous religious and historical sites of both Jerusalem and Bethlehem, of which there are enough to fill several days. Since Carrie and I had both previously visited Jerusalem (Bethlehem would be new for us both) we were free to explore beyond the standard tourist trail. Since we’re fans of craft beer and live with a limited offering in Amman, Jordan we explored the area in a way that was less traditional from your typical visit.

Best Places to Drink Craft Beer in Nashville

When you think of Nashville you immediately think of music, bachelorette parties, and hot chicken, but it’s also known for something else that you might not be aware of, craft beer. As supporters of local businesses, especially those connected to travel and tourism (we saw bachelorette parties stream through some of Nashville’s most popular breweries) we often check out the local craft beer scene when we travel. It’s a great way to meet locals, take a break from walking around, and support local businesses.

Boston: Brewery, Subs, and Fenway Park!

I recently traveled to Boston to attend the International Fundraising Conference at the Boston Convention Center.  This was my first extended stay in Boston and I was excited to see some of what the city had to offer.  Boston, as you might know, is well known for its craft beer scene, which on this visit I was not able to fully take advantage of, but will do so on the next.

Colorado: Breweries, Breweries, and more Breweries

If you haven’t already noticed from my photos on Instagram, I love visiting local craft breweries.  Visiting local craft breweries are great because they not only have a great selection of beer brewed by those who love what they do but are a great way to support local businesses and ensure you have an impactful travel experience.  To put the impact into perspective, the craft brewing industry across the U.S., which is on the rise, contributed $55.7 billion to the U.S. economy and supported 424,000 jobs in 2014 according to the Brewers Association.