What to do on a Quick Day Trip to Berkeley

As I wrote in our guide to San Francisco, I went to undergrad in the Bay Area, so we couldn’t take a trip to San Francisco without visiting my alma mater-UC Berkeley.  After nearly ten years of talking about Berkeley to Albert, I finally got the chance to show him the campus and some, unfortunately not all, of my favorite parts of the city.

What to do in Gulfport, Mississippi

When I was in New Orleans in October I decided to take a short day-trip to Mississippi while Albert was working.  I had done some research leading up to the trip but couldn’t make up my mind on where to go so I decided to just drive along the Gulf Coast until I found a place I liked. After a scenic hour and a half drive, the white sandy beaches of Gulfport beckoned me to stay. Mississippi’s second largest city was the perfect place to stop for the day.

Boston: Brewery, Subs, and Fenway Park!

I recently traveled to Boston to attend the International Fundraising Conference at the Boston Convention Center.  This was my first extended stay in Boston and I was excited to see some of what the city had to offer.  Boston, as you might know, is well known for its craft beer scene, which on this visit I was not able to fully take advantage of, but will do so on the next.