Who Are We?

Tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

I love to travel and enjoy planning trips, almost as much as taking the actual trip.  I’ve advised countless others about destinations I’ve been to, as well as those that I haven’t. I’ve thought about creating a website for a while now, but it wasn’t until a recent trip to the Mediterranean with friends that I was encouraged to finally take the plunge and put myself out there.  So promptly upon my return, I established Backpacking with the Bonds.

The purpose of Backpacking with the Bonds is to provide a platform to share my travel experiences, tips about traveling, and provide a service to those looking to travel, but are unsure of how to plan for a trip or simply don’t have the time.  Travel is an important part of our lives.  We save our precious vacation time and money all year to take that trip we’ve been dreamed about for months, if not years.  So it’s absolutely essential that your trip be as perfect as possible.  Backpacking with the Bonds aims to do just that.

I don’t specialize in high-end travel, nor do I promote budget travel.  I instead focus on impactful travel, both to yourself and the community that you are visiting.  I promote staying in locally owned and operated hotels and immersing yourself into the daily routine of those you are visiting.  Travel, if done in a certain manner, has the ability to positively impact the local community and, if not, it can be devastating.

You may wonder why the name Backpacking with the Bonds.  Well being that mine and my wife’s last name is Bond, part of the name was simple enough.  Backpacking for us symbolizes the sense of adventure when traveling across the world with just a backpack, and possibly a friend or loved one.  Thus, with some creative thinking, we came up with the name Backpacking with the Bonds.  The idea is that we would share our experiences and help others plan their adventures.

So what’s new on Backpacking with the Bonds.  Well, most importantly I finalized the About Me section which explores how I got into traveling and how a trip to Bangladesh in 2002 would have a lasting impact on my desire to travel.  I have also added to my selection of past travels with my story of Istanbul.  I love Istanbul and encourage everyone to plan a trip there, or at least incorporate it into a trip.

I’m an avid traveler and want to encourage others to travel by sharing my knowledge, experiences, and expertise with others.  I hope you find Backpacking with the Bonds useful and helpful for planning your next trip.  I encourage you to contact me with your thoughts and questions about travel.  I would love to hear from you albert@backpacking-with-the-bonds.com.  Those interested in my personalized trip planning expertise are encouraged to contact me with the online form located here.  I would like to thank those who have supported me and encouraged me to pursue my passion.

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