As of December 9, 2015 I have traveled to 80 countries and territories as identified by the Travelers Century Club.  

Over the years I have taken several multi-destination trips, which are the perfect way to blend two or more highlights of any country or region, like beaches and ancient ruins, or urban landscape and bucolic countryside.


Below is a selection of some of my large multi-destination trips I have taken over the years.  For ideas about re-creating all or portions of these trips or even other trips please reach out to us at Get Started.

Central America - El Salvador to Panama

For two weeks Carrie and I traveled from Playa el Tunco, El Salvador on the Pacific coast down to Bocas del Toro, Panama on the Caribbean coast, stopping in several places along the way, like post-coup Tegucigalpa, Honduras and charming Granada, Nicaragua.  We took this trip right after completing two years in the Peace Corps.

Eastern Europe - Turkey to Romania

For two weeks Carrie and I traveled from Istanbul, Turkey all the way to Chișinău, Moldova, and back to Istanbul, passing through Varna, Bulgaria, Odessa, Ukraine, and Bucharest and Brasov, Romania.  We took this trip during the halfway point of our Peace Corps service in Jordan. 


For nearly two weeks Carrie and I traveled the length of Egypt overland from Taba in the Sinai Peninsula to Abu Simbel in southern Egypt.  We traveled to Egypt from Jordan, passing overland through Israel.  Egypt with its rich history and varied landscape has so much more to offer than the Pyramids of Cairo.  What I loved most about this trip was upper Egypt, where the Nile fresh out of the Sudan makes its way through some of Egypt's most beautiful countryside.

Thailand and Cambodia

For just about two weeks Carrie and I traveled to Bangkok, Thailand before flying to meet friends in Cambodia.  In Cambodia we explored the ruins of Angkor Wat, lapped up the waves in Ko Rong, and traversed hectic Phnom Penh.  Bangkok and its energy was a great introduction to Southeast Asia.