Carrie and I have both come to believe that the right kind of tourism can be a driver of equitable and sustainable development. We both saw the positive (and negative) impacts that tourism can have while living in Jordan-I (Albert) lived in the heart of the religious tourist trail, Madaba, and Carrie lived just a few miles from two of Jordan’s main tourist sites, Petra and Wadi Rum.

 With each trip, we try to maximize our contribution to the local economy and reduce our negative impact on the environment. We've achieved this by staying in locally owned hotels, eating at locally owned and operated restaurants, and buying locally made products when feasible, as well as incorporating sustainability into our travel by reducing our waste while traveling.  In so doing, our experience has been that much more rewarding.


We are Amman, Jordan based travel bloggers. Follow us as we explore all that Jordan and the region have to offer.

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St. John, US Virgin Islands

St. John, US Virgin Islands

Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan

About Us

How we developed our love for travel, interest in the economic impact it has on local communities, and honed our skills at designing trips.

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Svalbard, Arctic Circle

Svalbard, Arctic Circle


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Destination Guides

Highlights from a selection of our past trips to give you ideas of how we incorporate mindful, impactful travel into our travels.

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