How to be a Sustainable Traveler

How can you be a sustainable traveler? Well, the best way is to be mindful of the waste you produce when traveling, especially non-biodegradable waste, like plastic. This is critical as many countries, especially developing economies which are often popular tourist destinations don’t always have the infrastructure to collect and process waste.

Top Airbnbs in Jordan

Between the bustling cities, magnificent ruins, dry deserts and waterfront towns facing the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, a  vacation to Jordan is calling your name. Plus, the people are known for the hospitality and welcoming nature, and tend to be happy to help out if you need directions. Given this generally welcoming attitude, we recommend adopting the attitude yourself and getting to know the local people and local cultures in the best way possible -- by staying in a local home. From city center apartments to country houses, here are the best Airbnbs in Jordan.

What is Overtourism? What can you do to prevent it.

Imagine you have spent months or even years planning, saving, and dreaming of the moment you arrive in Piazza San Marco Venice only to find it teeming with thousands of other tourists. Certainly not the experience you had dreamed of. Now you have to share this moment with hundreds or thousands of tourists, many of whom are getting in your way, preventing you from taking those Instagram-worthy photos, and ultimately disrupting the tranquility of the square.

What to do on a Quick Day Trip to Berkeley

As I wrote in our guide to San Francisco, I went to undergrad in the Bay Area, so we couldn’t take a trip to San Francisco without visiting my alma mater-UC Berkeley.  After nearly ten years of talking about Berkeley to Albert, I finally got the chance to show him the campus and some, unfortunately not all, of my favorite parts of the city.

12th Annual Washington DC Travel & Adventure Show

     International tourism has a staggering impact on the global economy.  To fully understand its impact, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) World Tourism Highlights Report of 2014 world tourism was responsible for 9% of global GDP, supported 1 in 11 jobs globally, and was responsible for $1.5 trillion in global exports.  The number of international tourists rose to 1.13 billion in 2014, with France, the United States, Spain, and China ranked as the top global destinations.  With the number of international tourists expected to increase this places a great emphasis on national and regional governments and tourism promotion organizations to promote and capture as much of the international tourism market as possible.

Colorado: Breweries, Breweries, and more Breweries

If you haven’t already noticed from my photos on Instagram, I love visiting local craft breweries.  Visiting local craft breweries are great because they not only have a great selection of beer brewed by those who love what they do but are a great way to support local businesses and ensure you have an impactful travel experience.  To put the impact into perspective, the craft brewing industry across the U.S., which is on the rise, contributed $55.7 billion to the U.S. economy and supported 424,000 jobs in 2014 according to the Brewers Association.

7 Essential Carry-on Items for an Overnight Flight

It can be a challenge to travel in an economy seat on an overnight flight and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Over the years I have developed a list of seven essential items I bring in my carry-on bag each time I fly to help enhance my overnight flight experience.  These items are readily available in stores and some items may be provided by the airlines.

Travel 2016

It’s that time of year when all the major travel publications publish their lists of places you should consider traveling to for the upcoming year.  These lists provide travelers with knowledge of what the travel industry sees as the next set of big destinations.  Three well-known travel publications, Lonely PlanetTravel & Leisure, and AFAR have recently published theirs.